happy thursday

When I was a senior in college, my dear friend invited me to live in her grandparents' cave. She had been living there for a year with another girl. That girl got scared of the bats and man-eating spiders that came out at night, so she left. Living in the cave alone was completely unacceptable because the furniture and interior decoration was far too swanky and uncomfortable to be managed on its own. So I took up the invitation and lived in that basement with my two friends, three blocks (also known as a 11.4 minute walk) from campus.
It was the life.
Together, we survived the plethora of flamingos that lived on the walls, the complete lack of natural lighting, the 1940's mechanical beast once called an ice box that usually froze our milk, and a record collection that included an album promoting everyone's favorite herbal cigarette additive. Our survival hinged on a little weekly festival that we came to know as "happy thursdays." Happy Thursdays had three main ingredients: chocolate, drinks, and friends. For one happy semester, we celebrated the fact that the week was ending and we wouldn't have to sit through another lecture on masonic cult rituals for two whole days. Happy Thursdays will forever be ingrained in my body's hedonistic routines.
Tonight, I will be celebrating this Happy Thursday with the two people who made it all possible: The Professor and his wife. They charged us pennies to stay there. She made us cookies. He told us stories. We loved them and tried to be quiet at night (Praise God for hearing loss!). They are driving through town on their way out of the country. I'm not sure if they are escaping the authorities for unknowingly hoarding old drug legalization propaganda or if they are going for pleasure. Either way, I get to listen to his wonderful stories and enjoy the people who taught me how to tell time without a watch in a windowless room.
I hope you have a Happy Thursday, too!

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Amy said...

ahhhhh, those were the happy thursday days . . .how i miss them! (although i think i'm okay with letting the flamingos and scary green couch go with it's unknown species of mutant spiders). your tribute to beloved 1320 is worthy of both condolences and nostalgic remembrances. so in the spirit of good will and drinks and chocolate and above all, FRIENDS, here's a final toast to our grand happy thursdays: may the men we love. . .(restricted notice: unable to publish the following message because of explicit adult content).
CHEERS TO US AND HAPPY THURSDAYS!!! Oh, and say hi to my grandparents for me :) :)