birthWEEK kick-off

Yesterday was Roommate's and the Politician's birthday. Since my birthday is exactly one week later, we created a week-long celebration we call birthWEEK because who doesn't want to party until the break of dawn for a whole week!
Last night was the birthWEEK kick-off. We invited all of our mutual friends plus some more. We made our favorite meat-free appetizers and chilled a few good bottles of reisling. Our little casita was crammed full of the people who have made St. Louis my home. When those people gather in one place and I take the time to look around, I see a group of people that a year ago barely knew each other. At first glance, we look like your everday ragtag group of twentysomethings trying to make a difference in the world and trying not to lose ourselves in mess of our world. We play ultimate frisbee as if it were life giving. We annoy the waitresses at BW3's with our extremely large, all individual check table every Tuesday. We like our beer and wine. We dabble in dating each other and then laugh it off as blind desperation.
But when I look again, I see a group of people that would do whatever it takes to help a friend out. I see a group of people that love their Creator and aren't afraid to talk about it. I see a group of people that inspire me to take delight in the blessings I have been given. In the last year, I have been blessed tremendously through each of them.
Last night was purported to be a celebration of birthWEEK, but it was really a celebration of friendship, of grace made real.

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