a collective sigh of relief

There are a number of tales I could share with you today about my experience yesterday. Honestly, I feel like I have a running hangover and don't have enough energy to process it all.
The short version would go something like this: Due to my lower respiratory infection, my breathing stunk and I couldn't run my normal pace. HOWEVER, we still only missed our goal by a minute forty. I was in bad shape in the end. I finished and was plopped on a first aid table to be iced. Once I was cooled, I was nauseous. I couldn't keep anything down other than room temperature Sprite until about four in the afternoon. Nothing like being HUNGRY and not being able to eat. I'm okay today and already looking forward to being healthy and hitting the road again. (I'm also looking into getting a mental health evaluation, if you know of anyone...)

The long version will include t-shirt slogans my friend concocted to cheer us on, why my running partner is amazing, the surprise a little boy had on the side of the road while riding his bike, the curse of independence and the joy of vulnerability, and why lying prostrate is always good for the soul and the stomach. More soon.

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