full body shimmey

Everyone's favorite latin dance move is undoubtedly the shimmey. You know, the move where you shake your shoulders and the rest of your upper body goes with it.
Some people lack the pizazz to shimmey with full effect. Some people lack the... well... rest of the upper body to go with it.
Somehow the shimmey became the official dance move of the summer among my roommates, friends, and other compatriots. We have placed bets on how many drinks it will take to get Tall White Guy to shimmey. We have shimmied all over Chicago and St. Louis. We usually reserve the shimmey to express moments of great exuberance such as "I just got my first real paycheck," "I just met a cute boy,"and "Let's have milkshakes for dinner tonight."
Occassionally we've found the simple shimmeying of the upper body does not fully express the excitement of the moment. Last night, after spending the late evening scheming and plotting our upcoming birthdays and the accompanying birthWEEK festivities (true egocentrics celebrate birthdays for a week, not just a day), Roommate came into my bed room convulsing from head to toe.
The full body shimmey said it all. "If I were any more excited, I would likely cause brain damage."

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