if she says so, it must be true

Today is my birthday. I have successful slept in, coughed a lot, read a great deal of church literature (working at home rocks!), and taken a wonderful shower. Now the day must begin and I have to go hang out with the crowd that provides me bread and butter: Junior High students.

Junior High students are notorious for having their heads stuck in the sand (but let's be honest... they aren't any worse that children, they just have a larger vocabulary so we expect more. And they certainly aren't worse than some adults, they just don't have inhibitors to hide it). Last year, I was told that I was old because I am the same age as Brittany Spears. I appreciate the logic AND the comparison. Thank you sixth graders. Yesterday, an eighth grader asked me how old I would be today. I told her my very small, still young age and she responded, "You ARE YOUNG. That's why we like you."

I'm glad my youth is the only reason I am likeable.

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