just missed the cut for mass production

In the world's classiest display of taste and fashion, my friends wore a set of t-shirt they decorated with a set of sharpies to the half-marathon on Sunday. Their slogans were quite creative.

Tall White Guy's:
Front: ripped off Nike symbol
Back: running... just watch other's do it.

Saturday Night Live's:
Back: Run, run, run as fast as you can you can't catch me... OH WAIT! Yes you can, I'm sitting.

Lucy's Mama's:
Front: The only thing I'm good at running
Back: is my mouth.

Computer Geek's:
Front: Driving
Back: What's better than running 13.1 miles?

Front: To Do on Life Accomplishment Day: 1. Watch my roommate run a half-marathon. 2. Come up with a better life accomplishment goal better than making out in front of Walgreen's.

(The history on making out in front of Walgreen's is a little tedious, just take it at face value and realize that we actually saw people making out in front of a Walgreen's and felt compelled that someday we should as well.)
The Politician and Reeno came out to cheer. Reeno even said that he would train for a full with us if we ever got around to it. We'll see about that.

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