on my run

Start: anxiety over long distance running. heart is beating a little faster. boo.

Mile one: Weird pain in the knee. I want to stop.

Mile two: Chit chat, catch-up. blah blah blah blah

Mile three: Continue the blahs. Knee hurts. Internal insanity alarm going off.

Mile four: We ran the last three miles faster than we expected. Are we going too fast? Can we go this pace for the rest of the “trip?”

Mile five: Silence (not always golden). But then it got good:

Mile six: How are you ACTUALLY, seƱorita? The job, the coworkers, the friend support network, feeling loved.

Mile seven: It’s so exciting to want to go to work and to know that you are wanted there.

Mile eight: How are YOU actually? I’m actually praising God. I’m actually thanking him for blessings that I never could have imagined. I am actually surrounded by more love in my life than ever before.

Mile nine: Have you noticed that despite the complete absence of romantic love in your life, you are completely filled and outpouring with love? Yep, right now. We have amazing friends. We have amazing jobs. We have amazing roommates. We have amazing families. Are you amazed yet?

Mile ten: I hope that others experience this, too. How can I share it?

Mile eleven: Hey, did you realize that we ran this fast? Didn’t feel like it. We’re on track to hit our target or better. Yeah!

Post-mileage: The knee is back to hurting. Cocktails of ib profen and gatorade seem to do the trick. The run was probably my favorite run yet in this training stint. It even topped the bagpipe accompaniment through a shady cool trail in Chicago. We’ll chalk this one up to good conversation.


Kacey said...

Hey, I just wanted to let you know how great I think all the training you're doing is, and how I wish I could do the same. Too bad anywhere to run outside near me is ghetto and I'm not quite comfortable doing that. Props to Alaina!

alaina said...

Thanks Kacey! Almost done, only a few more days and I won't be consumed by this race. Although, I am thinking of running another in the spring... :)