three, not one or even two, THREE!

Roommate pointed out to me last night that I've rambled extensively about being sick. IT'S PROBABLY BECAUSE I HAVE BEEN SICK FOR THREE WEEKS NOW.

Good news: I.am.not.going.to.die.
Bad news: The doctor gave me antibiotics for five days.

Good news: BirthWEEK is on the horizon.
Bad news: Two of the three birthday girls are sick.

Good news: Mr. Good Smile
is coming to the birthWEEK kick-off.
Bad news: My heavily medicated self is usually even less coordinated than regular self. Bring on the party fouls.

Good news: I am running a half-marathon on Sunday.
Bad news: I am running 13.1 miles on Sunday.

Here's to the hope that the drugs will kick the cold and not the runner. It's a busy weekend.

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