hitting the road

It has been nearly a month since the catastrophic half-marathon experience. I am certainly no longer laying prostrate on the floor suffering from acute pain of the estomago. My knees however still hate me. Fortunately, they are much kinder than they were a month ago and I only get stiff when I sit all day in a really cold room. Oh, wait... that describes my typical day at work. Booo...

This weekend, la Señorita and I went for our first "off-season" run. Holey buckets! I felt out of shape. WAY OUT OF SHAPE. At three and a half miles (of five), I was ready to crawl back to my car and forget about the whole sport we call running. It was absolutely ridiculous.

The problem with my life is that I purge on things like exercise.

A week of exercise might look something like this:
Monday: 14 hour work day. No exercise.
Tuesday: Day off. Run three miles. Play ultimate frisbee in the evening run approximately 2 more.
Wednesday: Squeeze in a two mile run if I am lucky...err... blessed, but usually work 12 hours instead.
Thursday: Run three miles... maybe.
Friday: No running. At all.
Saturday: Run five, six, seven... miles with La Señorita <BR>Sunday: Think about running. A lot. Sleep all afternoon instead.

Two days of crazy running. Two days of minimal POSSIBLE running. I am going to have to figure out a way to make those "possibly" days into certain days and not sleep all day Sunday. Grrr....

Time to think about going running... where did I put those shoes again? Oh yeah, in the trash.

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