like the dew that goes early away

Like the dew that goes early away.

I read those words this morning and they knocked the breath out of me. That is how I feel today. I feel like dew that has gone early away.

As I drove home Friday night, I knew the thrill of the latest and greatest attraction had subsided into nothing more than mild enjoyment. Despite my efforts to convince myself that he still could be what I was looking for, I knew in my heart that the dew had dried and I was already floating on through the air.

This weekend, a good friend came to visit but I barely had time to sit with her. I felt dried up and as if I wasn't there to refresh the blades of her grass. From one thing to the next, I buzzed and zipped, barely squeezing in a hot chocolate and a book with her for an hour or so.

This morning, as I sit at my desk I wonder at how early going my faith has been. I have been fleeting and irreverent. Impatient and rash.

I know I am like dew. My confidence, gifts, talents, or likewise will always go early away. Albeit refreshing, they will never bring deep lasting refreshment.

The rain of Christ alone sustains.

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