new friends, old friends, basic friends, deep friends

She just makes me laugh. Her voice impersonations. Her satire and her simple joy in giving.

He always makes me think of the days when I didn't have a car payment and didn't ever want to be told I couldn't. He didn't hold it against me. Still doesn't.

She put up with my adolescent rants and stuck by me through many tears. She lives far away, but she's always on my mind.

She experienced great pain and sorrow. And then I did. We know the process though we lived it differently. We stuck together and are hard to peel apart.

She does so much and loves to care. Her heart gives my heart peace.

He guided my through my mountain of questions. He respects me. He protects me but lets me fall.

She sent me a cup of coffee. I couldn't drink it, but she cried with me anyway.

She laughs at my organization and throws me for a million loops. We laugh, we cry, we plan our lives. She's my balance.

He invited me to play and introduced me to so much that I hold so dear.

She came out to eat and then she called me. It had been so long, but it doesn't matter anymore.

She bought me a hat and made me wear it. We traveled, laughed, made music, and became friends that just know.

She ran and never left my side. We listen and grow, suffer and survive together.



Kacey said...

Is this about lots of different people? You're so creative, I need to tap into that.

alaina said...

Lots of people, same spirit.
I keep thinking of people that I left off and then finding them in a line anyway.
Thanks for the props.