stemmed out

You can't live in Missouri AND work at a church AND occasionally watch television (i.e. world series games) AND not hear the words "stem cell research" 1907325884 million times a day. I am about sick of it (read: ready to poke my eyes out with a coal poker) and I can't wait for the first Tuesday in November to get over with already.

I tend to sympathize with conservative views on the issue (though I am not always conservative in my views). I've listened to both angles and I've fought a few inner battles on what is best. Here's where I typically grab my overnight bag and hightail my hiney to Bermuda: people are going to choose their lifestyle, their research, their solutions to life's issues whether they are legal or not or whether I think they are (spiritually, physically, mentally) healthy. Dirty, folding table style medical procedures scare the living daylights out of me... and I'm afraid they might scare the life out of unprepared women.

Then I read this on a discussion board:
Please stop promising the sick and the lame that they will walk
again "if" we use embryonic stem cells.

That sentence reminded me so much of all of the lame and sick that begged Jesus to heal them with his touch. Are stem cells a certain group's personal savior? It just makes me wonder.


Kacey said...

Even your ultra-liberal friend down in Florida has heard about this stem cell business that's going on in Missouri....my only issue is how the word "human cloning" has taken such a dishonest meaning in the field of stem-cell research there in the seemingly Republican state of Missouri. Interesting choice of words and battles indeed.

Kacey said...

I retract, strike the word "dishonest" and insert "close-minded".