self-righteous entitlement

I had the chance recently to reflect on the experience of the blahs with someone in the thick of it. Everyone has had the blahs.

How's work? Blah
How's home? Blah
How's faith life? Blah

Blah blah blah

I was struck by how frequently we justify our experiences of the blahs with something along the lines of: "It's okay to feel blah. To feel like God isn't there. We've all been there. Blahs don't make you a bad person." Since when is it OKAY to feel like crud?

I've got news for you, internet people, it is NOT OKAY to have the blahs. The blahs are not healthy. I blame pop psychology (I'm Okay, You're Okay!) and secular humanism for this okayed blahfest. I blame the idea that we are self-righteously entitled to be okay.

I am not okay by my mere existence. It is not okay to be blah simply because I am human and that is what humans experience. Feeling like God is far from me is not made okay by the fact that other people experience it. Feeling like God is far away is made okay because he in fact is not far away. Unlike me, he is righteously entitled to be okay. He proved this ever-so-deftly on the cross and through his resurrection.

Through my baptism in Christ, I become HIM-righteously entitled to be okay, blahs included.

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