you can count on her

My older sister is the most thorough person I know. By thorough I mean that she thinks through every possible worst and best case scenario for situations in less than thirty seconds. She analyzes why things are good and bad down to their minutia and rarely hesitates at sharing either.

Growing up this was often in thorn in my side. I don't really want to know every detail about why these sunglasses look bad on me. Just say, "Not for you." I don't really need a thirty minute explanation on how to load a dishwasher correctly. Nonetheless, I have carried some of these learnings with me into my adult life, but they are generally anecdotal. At least she is consistently anal. I come off looking neurotic and touchy.

While it was a pain growing up, now that I no longer live with her and have to worry about why towels should be hung precisely even on their racks I find her thoroughness quite admirable and useful. If I need to find the perfect dress, she will help me find it. If I need help finding a bedroom comforter she will look at the color, she will feel it, she count the threads, and she analyze its ability to withstand being washed frequently. She researched cheese (types, knives, boards, and proper companions) for our family Christmas Eve finger food fest. She is really Consumer Reports in a living breathing body.

She is coming to visit for the evening on her way to a distant land. I can't wait because she is going to help me decide whether to chop my bangs to look like Anne Hathaway or to shave my head like Sinead O'Connor. Your opinions, while valued, will be outweighed by whatever she says. Remember, she is the one who introduced me to the greatest band on earth. Her taste is simply impeccable.

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Kacey said...

While I'm sure the eldest of the Kleinbeck daughters will have the final say, I'm REALLY going to suggest against the bald look.