a resolution to enjoy

Lately life has fallen shy of the enjoyable zone, landing anywhere from the miserable to the lukewarm. It isn't because I am depressed or pessimistic. It is because at times life is dreary. With the exception of a week in paradise, February was dreary. It was filled with reminders of sin's consequence in my life. February seems to be my month of pain. Aside from the mournful, sloppy brown look of my surroundings, some of my most painful wrenching experiences have landed in February. This February was no different.

But February has passed. The prolonged days have led me to resolution. A resolution not easily proclaimed. It seems a bit too early, based in the resurrection not yet celebrated, not yet realized. But comes it from within, and stop it I cannot.

The desire to breathe again is overwhelming. Breathe air not recycled and reheated and rebreathed.

The desire to run without wear is nagging. To see it the sunlight bent in my eyelashes, shining quietly the full spectrum of its glory.

The desire to sing without hesitation is compelling. The meaning of the words are filled with a deeper sense that there is more beyond what my eyes can see.

The desires culminate into a resolution that now I must live.

Grace surrounds and opportunity abounds.

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