As children and teenagers, my sister and I had an infamously tumultuous relationship. We shared a room and a sibling rivalry that could have been featured on a Rikki Lake episode in the mid-nineties. Even into her college years, we mastered the art of mind bullets and word spears. It was brutal.

Somewhere in the middle of my college years, things changed. We realized we weren't all that different from one another. We didn't have to share a bathroom sink anymore. We quit fighting about accidentally buying the same clothes. We started enjoying each other's company.

My sister moved back to Missouri about nine months ago to work for my parents. Despite some of the negatives of living and working for our parents, there have been some huge positives. I see her all of the time. I talk to her all of the time. We share things with each other (like recipes and music), but mainly more than anything else, we share our lives with each other.

Finally, as an adult, I am enjoying having a sister. She's a friend that will always be. No matter where I live, what I do, who I marry, what I wear, she's my sister. The brutal fighting has been exchanged for brutal laughing fits and a banter that is only possible with someone who walked down Sesame Street with you every morning when you were three.

Lately, I've been enjoying it so much it has caused me to wonder what it would be like if my brother were still here.

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