forty eight

It has been a strange, trying, and exhausting forty eight hours.

Saturday morning, my mom called me about twenty minutes before I was to begin teaching my morning Bible study.

"Alaina, Grandma had a massive stroke. We don't know if she'll make it hours, days, or weeks."

Devastating words. Debilatating words.

My focus was divided for the rest of the retreat and though I love my youth, my heart was not with them. My heart was with my mom, losing her mom.

God is good to me and he has blessed me with retreat leaders who are dynamic and faithful. They quickly took contorl over every aspect of the retreat that I was managing. This freed me to come and be with my mom as she says goodbye to her mom.

As if that wouldn't be hard enough, my grandmother's primary caretaker is my aunt. My aunt who is 31 weeks pregnant. My aunt who was put on bed rest on Friday because her blood pressure was too high. My aunt woke this morning to some bleeding and a few contractions. She was admitted to the hospital and will be monitored for the next 24 hours.

This weekend, my primary message to the youth was a message of Christ-rootedness. When we are rooted in Christ, our perspective on life changes.

My message is being challenged within me, but I rest in the comfort of knowing that it is true.

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Nate said...

weak is the new strong