light (of life)

When I was a little girl I shared a room with my older sister. Her bed rested in one corner, mine in the opposite. One of our walls was home to a large picture window. The window looked out onto our front lawn and the street beyond that. Not far from the window was a huge old tree. Years later, this tree would die and I would grieve its absence from our yard. Just beyond the tree was a lamp post. The street light lit up the entire block in front of it and a good portion of the small neighborhood park to its rear.

Every night, my sister and I would climb into bed and she would quickly fall asleep. I was never quite so blessed. I would lie awake wondering if I could read my book in the dark by way of my alarm clock's slow blinking numbers. The darkness would settle in and the street light flickered on. The tree and its limbs swayed in the night, their shadows cast eerily on my ceiling.

Even as a young child, reason told me the shadows were not a man, a monster, a sight to fear. Yet my brain crafted frightening tales of monsters lurking on our lawn. My eyes remained open for many nights in fear that if they closed, no one would be awake to protect my sleeping family.

My sleeplessness wore on my young body and soon I caved into fear and told my mom the frightening tale of tree shadows and lurking monsters. She smiled and quickly solved my ordeal with night light that wiped away the swaying peering arms and limbs of the tree.

The light cast away the darkness from my nights and I could rest easily, calmly, without fear.

"I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness but will have the light of life." -Jesus

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