real springtime running

Cold weather and running don't go together very well.

Much like cold weather and months spelled A-P-R-I-L don't go together very well.

Through the month of January, I was highly motivated and ran on a treadmill in the basement of the clubhouse at my apartment complex. Those days ended with a trip to Belize (I know, boo-hoo) and a subsequent bouts of food poisoning and overwork poisoning. Now the thought of running on a rotating rubber band makes me simultaneously cringe and convulse. Perhaps it was the singular week at the end of March with temperatures in the 80's that ruined indoor running for me. I ran outside! Lots! It was glorious!

That week was quickly followed by rain, threats of snow, and a blustery cold wind that makes me wonder if Al Gore really does smoke crack (or distort statistics, whatever. same difference.). That was also the week I came down with a case of the "I don't wannas and you can't make mes." This is not a good problem to have when you are trying to get back in shape. (For what you ask? Ummm. I don't know. Life.)

This week, I have determined that I will turn into some sort of crab apple (in attitude and appearance) if I don't shed the pout and get out there and run. It's amazing what a few tough runs will do to you. Despite the lingering chilliness normally reserved for months that are spelled M-A-R-C-H, I have hit the road four times in the last six days. La SeƱorita and I even had a run together!

Spring will actually be here sometime next week. After the threats of snow are banished from the airways this weekend. (Seriously, Meteorologist Ben Able at NPR member station 90.7 KWMU, NO MORE). And all of that means running. Real springtime running.

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