an actual conversation via email. after running up the emotional equivalent of ten flights of stairs or maybe more. twice.

My legs were shaking in the shower this morning….it was a good workout. :)

I am SSSSSSSSSSSooooooooooooooooooooooo tired this morning. I literally sat on my chair staring for twenty minutes. because I could. because I didn't have to get to work. talk about hardcore.

I love those workouts. :) :)

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harper said...

okay- so this has absolutely nothing to do with your post but I am watching the ALMA awards (Latino/a Motion Picture Awards) and Cameron Diaz was actually nominated for something- now is she REALLY have any latin blood flowing or did she just get the cool name? Sorry - so random. Hey you pormised a "real" e-mail after the lock-in and I miss you. write soon! : )