in the swing

After a week of essential running-less-ness, this week has come on like a torrential downpour.

I have risen twice in the early morning hours to squeeze a run in before the May-in-Missouri heat strikes up momentum. This is record-breaking.

It is Thursday and I am only four miles away from my 16 mile a week goal. Yeah!

I have also jumped a concrete barrier on a busy street (don't tell my mother) and battled a horrific mid-run stomach-ache that ultimately led to indescribable things. Which I will not describe because gross.

Running this week has been a stress-reliever. It has been cathartic to beat my frustrations on the concrete sidewalks rather than the people around me. Running has cleared my heart and mind.

Running this week has been weight control. I don't weigh myself ever, but I know what feels healthy in my body. Sitting in a hospital and nursing home for a week left me sluggish and dull feeling. Running has cleared me of those feelings.

Running this week has been a reason to sleep. Sleep is my weakness. I am not good at going to bed and staying there. Running has made me tired enough to get some sleep.

This week has been a reminder of why I love running.

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