I don't really like the sound of the word fullness, but I love the meaning of the word. The word for me tells of a life lived abundantly for Christ. It depicts an overflowing of the spirit of love and truth into all parts of life.


I have been striving for fullness this week and in many ways I have fallen short. I have watched too many episodes of The Soprano's to claim total fullness (but I only have about ten episodes left and then I will have to wait until the second half of season six is released on dvd). I have chosen to sleep in rather than wash my hair too many times to claim complete fullness.

Yet hints and whispers of fullness have tiptoed around me in ways that have recently been ignored, unnoticed, or absent.

A fire slowly burning on my patio, laughter swirled in wine glasses, wasabi burning my lips, red bunch onions freshly resting in my refrigerator, consolation from a colleague, prayers from a friend, promises of new life, hope, and dreams, opportunities for new expression, renewed vigor to progress, joy in quietude.

Fullness trickles, flows, floods.


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