water: spun

You get it. Water is good. Water cleans things. Water refreshes us. Hydrates us. Water makes life possible. Water is good. You get it.

You get it. Water is good. Water is for baptism. Water is used by the Holy Spirit to clean our spirits. Water from Christ will banish our thirst. Water is good. You get it.

But water can be easily ruined. It is hard (impossible) to clean water mixed with toxic chemicals. Some water used for cleaning causes more harm than good.

Water can be scarce. Many people travel long distances to bring a single jug of water to their home, to their families. Forests burn because the branches of their trees thirst for water.

Water is precious.

Humanity is entrusted to care for its great gift.

Living Water is precious.

Christians are entrusted to share its great gift.


o father confessor

I didn't run today.

I'm tired. I'm still fighting a weird cold meets allergies. I have to clean my house. As it stands, even without running today, I am running 22 miles this week. Plus I went to yoga last night. And my hip is sore.

I don't want to.

I know I am supposed to. I know in order to be ready to run my heart out in September, I need to get out there and run. But schedules are made to be shifted. Especially running schedules.

Instead, I am cleaning my room this morning.

So spare me the guilt trips. Spare me the disappointed patronizing gaze.

Go find yourself someone else to ride with your perfectionistic training guide.


my favorite time of the year

There is something about the slowness of mid-July that makes me feel like a million bucks.

My favorite foods are bursting off the vines and bushes.

I can get up in the wee early morning hours and still be cool enough to run long distances (Unlike August when the tar boils all day and doesn't cool through the night).

The heat decreases my appetite and creates a need for an afternoon siesta. I love naps.

The pace at work allows for me to clean my office. This week I have rid my office closet of all things not mine which was the majority of the items in the closet. Hallelujah! They are gone!

The pace of life lends me time to read some great books. I'm reading "Girl meets God" by Lauren Winner which (despite a title that provokes images of teenaged girls anxious to meet their husband on their first day of college) is quite intelligent. The book must have been typed with magnetic ink because I can barely put it down. I've also read "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy--a must read for all people everywhere. Don't argue with me. I've got Joan Didion's "The Year of Magical Thinking," Augustine's "Confessions," and Chesterton's "Orthodoxy" in the must read NOW pile.

Of course, all of this reading will be put on a standstill when Harry Potter comes out. Because HELLO! All normal human beings have been anticipating this book since book five was released.

I digress.

The main reason I love mid-July is the evening time. I love going for a slow walk through the neighborhood just as dusk is settling in. Peace and simplicity faintly waft through the air. I feel alive.