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Life feels hurricanic (Yes, I made that word up. Yes, it was influenced by my recent stint in Florida, land of the whirling tropical storms.). Vacation (err... the work trip) was wonderful, except for the ignorant sunburn. I haven't been sunburned in years. I remember why I hate it so much and why I am a sunscreenaholic.

I've got a new roommate sharing the great townhouse that Not-Roommate and I picked out and painted and loved. New Roommate has great taste and has already suggested throwing a party. I like her for this. I like her A LOT for this. Not-Roommate is on her way out of the country tomorrow. Pray for her travels!

Attending the National Lutheran Youth Gathering and seeing many of my former classmates, professors, and my beloved college roommate has breathed new life into some of my perspectives on work, life, and faith. It is so easy to forget who we are, who we have been created to be, whose we are when we are attempting to finalize a city park reservation, write a multi-age Bible study, and learn the chords to that worship song. Life is distracting and as the C.S. Lewis' Screwtape would have it, I am too often distracted by it.

The weeks are winding down before the half-marathon that I haven't trained very much for. I will be fine. I will run it, but my desire to compete and run fantastically dwindles by the hour. I'd rather not throw-up water all of the medi-tent. Or lie prostrate on my living room floor. Vacation (errr... the work trip) wedged it way in between me and the running plan. Oh well. I needed the sleep.

School begins in a few weeks, which in youth ministry means: PUMP IT UP. I've got loads of back-to-school work to do, but I know where my sights are set and it has a lot more to do with praying than pumping.

I've had a full cup of coffee and too much iced tea today. This means I feel like I am really nervous about something but I have nothing causing me to be nervous and I have to go to the bathroom a lot.

This blog is unreasonably episodic. My deepest apologies. Blame it on iced tea numero 3 of the afternoon. Lady Grey makes great iced tea. Pucha.

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Beclu said...

Haha, I can't believe you found a site with the definition of "pucha" on it.