progressing chronological

  1. Rising at 5am
  2. Leaving the house by 5:45am
  3. Sitting in thirty minutes of poorly directed traffic
  4. Standing in the pre-race potty line for ten minutes
  5. Arriving to the finish line late
  6. Running with my cousin
  7. Enjoying every minute of a low-key half-marathon
  8. Finishing in less that goal time of 2:30:00 (the run/walk thing makes you go slow, you know)
  9. Feeling fantastic after the race
  10. Getting well-stretched (thanks Mathlete), well-showered, and well-fed (Thanks Kamery)
  11. Feeling like running fears were psychological paranoia about previous running experiences
  12. Feeling like despite absence of training, time was pretty good (2:22:ish)
  13. Feeling like running with the cousin was the best decision I could have made
  14. Feeling like I could do it again if I gave myself permission to go at my pace
  15. Feeling like this post should end before I get gushy sentimental grossness seeping out of my pores


things i am looking forward to and things i am dreading

Things I am dreading:
  • running a half-marathon (well. run/walking)
  • a sore hip
  • watching the ACT test administration video
  • kicking potential cheaters out of the ACT test I am administering this weekend

Things I am looking forward to:
  • finishing a half-marathon
  • eating the godfather spaghetti sauce
  • hanging out with friends and family
  • a non-regimented workout schedule
  • a healing hip
  • reading more of this book, and this book, and this book, and this book


this is my brain on exhaustion

I stared at my computer screen and thought for at least ten minutes about something that I could tell you today that was either witty or depressing or heartwarming or at least something that wasn't about cleaning or running or my sleep cycle.

Alas, I failed.

I am tired.

I'm not returning phone calls because I can barely put one word in front of the next in a coherent way. (And still I find the strength to write the word coherent.)

I'm working but I'm so tired (and cold! Do they still have the AC running in this place?!) I'm mainly reading and organizing mindless details.

I'm here but I'm really not.


the best part of running half marathons

Have I mentioned lately that I am planning to run/walk the half-marathon? My hip hurts, I don't want to cause it more damage, I don't feel like dying. Excuses, excuses.

Because the running part hasn't been enjoyable of late, I am finding ways to make the concept of the half marathon enjoyable. My favorite so far is pasta. Planning to make it, planning to eat it, making it, and eating it.

The roommate and I are hosting a pasta party on Saturday evening before the Sunday morning race. And we are making my favorite sauce that comes straight from my favorite movie.


oh. that.

Training is winding down. There are NINE DAYS to the race. I am ready to get this torturous task finished. Between a sore hip and general disinterest in competition, the racing aspect of running has become less and less appealing.

Nevertheless, I have to run at least a few times a week and a long run to be ready for the never-ending 13.1 miles on September 16th.

Running is on the periphery of my life right now. I have so many other things that I enjoy doing or I need to do or that I WANT to do, that it hasn't been a priority.

That's probably a good thing. I can focus on more important things like food and pretending I have a love life.