progressing chronological

  1. Rising at 5am
  2. Leaving the house by 5:45am
  3. Sitting in thirty minutes of poorly directed traffic
  4. Standing in the pre-race potty line for ten minutes
  5. Arriving to the finish line late
  6. Running with my cousin
  7. Enjoying every minute of a low-key half-marathon
  8. Finishing in less that goal time of 2:30:00 (the run/walk thing makes you go slow, you know)
  9. Feeling fantastic after the race
  10. Getting well-stretched (thanks Mathlete), well-showered, and well-fed (Thanks Kamery)
  11. Feeling like running fears were psychological paranoia about previous running experiences
  12. Feeling like despite absence of training, time was pretty good (2:22:ish)
  13. Feeling like running with the cousin was the best decision I could have made
  14. Feeling like I could do it again if I gave myself permission to go at my pace
  15. Feeling like this post should end before I get gushy sentimental grossness seeping out of my pores

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