Did you notice how people began celebrating Christmas with home decorations, parties, and drinking eggnog an entire week before Advent started? A coworker mused, "Advent hasn't started but Christmas is here!" I could babble incessantly about the rape of Christmas and the pillage of its meaning, but you've heard that country tune before. It's old, sorry and overplayed. Rather than harping, I am hopeful for what is to come.

I am leaning in a little closer to God's word, aware that things are about the change. I have a sense that regardless of the wreaths and bells and trees and lights that something is different about this time of year. The journey into redemption is coming to a precipice. We're looking over the edge taking a deep breath, preparing to jump into living with Christ for another year.

It's a long way down and there's no way back.

Climbing down isn't an option.

If the Holy Spirit didn't push me, I'm not sure I'd jump.

But He pushes every time. Hard.

And I fall.

Right into His arms.

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