I've been reflecting on the quality of all things that compose of my life today... my ministry, my family, my friends, my choice in music, my interest in low and no caff teas. My conclusions is that I live anomalously in most things.

My family traveled hours (HOURS!) to sit in a church pew and watch someone hand me a plaque. Not just my parents. My aunt, uncle, and three cousins. In our busy, gotta-get-to-the-next-thing-that-will-make-my-resumé-look-better-than-yours world, this is an extraordinary support and sign of worth. Thinking about how awesome my family is makes me want to cry. Maybe just cry.

I have a roommate that vacuums. Yeah. That doesn't happen often. In my life anyway.

I have friends that share life together. We laugh. We watch the office. We study God's Word. We play frisbee. We run. We tease each other relentlessly. We support each other in a wandering life goals. Our relationships are deep and far reaching. Each and every one of them is an uncommon blessing.

I have members of my congregation verbally affirm me on a regular basis. My co-workers are supportive of my wandering life goals. My kids give me high fives, hugs and sturdy I-hate-you-even-though-I-know-you-are-right glares.

The blessings in my life are abundant. Truly abundant.

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