the beautiful and the ugly

If I tried to write a rave review of the weather we had in St. Louis this weekend, it would only serve to sell the weather short on the beautiful that it was.

If I tried to write a harsh critique on the havoc the weather is creating for my eyes via allergies, it would only sell the weeping and gnashing short on the ugly that it is.

Apparently, I can't have my beautiful weather and see it, too.


brnh said...

Hey CSA chica, have you tried locally made honey? I hear that acclimates your system to the allergens. I have no clue where you'd pick it up, but it's worth a try...

alaina said...

Actually local honey is plentiful in St. Louis. You can buy it a traditional grocery stores at the same rate as other honey.
It's all I buy (and all you StLers out there should, too!).

Early summer local food trick I learned/made up this weekend: fresh strawberries (from the CSA) quartered, fresh mint (from my herb garden) chopped finely, a squeeze of honey (from a hive nearby). Mix, let set for 30 minutes... YUM!