A Saint Louis To-Do

As the Roommate prepares to move to the land of imported fruits and vegetables (aka the desert), we made a list of things she had to do before her departure. This got me to thinking about all of the things that someone who lives in St. Louis should do to take advantage of all the city has to offer or things to do while visiting the city. This list was the result:

  • Visit the Augusta wineries (or Ste. Genevieve or Hermann)
  • Shakespeare in the Park (late May to early June) (FREE)
  • Jazz in the Botanical Gardens (FREE)
  • Eat at Ted Drewes’ Frozen Custard
  • Spend a night out in the Central West End
  • Visit the Art Museum (FREE)
  • See a show at the Muny (potentially FREE)
  • Eat ethnic food on South Grand
  • Go to the City Museum
  • Listen to live music under the Arch (complicated this summer by the potential flooding) (FREE)
  • Watch a outdoor movie on Friday's at Laumeir Park (FREE, I think)
  • See a show in the Duck Room at Blueberry Hill. (named the Duck Room after Chuck Berry’s duck walk guitar dance thing)
  • Visit the Soulard or Tower Grove Farmer’s Market
  • Stroll down Cherokee’s Antique Row (Get a cup of coffee at Mississippi Mud while you are there)
  • Eat at the Scottish Arms, Dressel’s, and McGurk’s—the top British Isle Pubs in St. Louis
  • People watch on The University City Loop (FREE)
  • Catch an act at the Pageant
  • Get some gelato on Washington Avenue
  • Visit Schlafly’s Bottlework’s (Saint Louis’ Prized microbrew)
  • Visit the Anheuser-Busch brewery (FREE)
  • Catch a local(ish) band at Cicero’s
  • Visit the Zoo (FREE)
  • Go for a run in Forest Park (FREE)
  • See a Cardinal’s Game at Busch stadium
  • Stroll down St. Charles’ historic Main Street
Uh. That should keep you busy, but if you have other things that should be on the list, feel free to add them in the comments.


brnh said...

Grant's Farm.

If you're Lutheran you really should check out the International Center (though do they do tours?)--it's like Mecca right? ;-)

If you're in to that sort of thing, a carillon bells concert at the Sem (Tuesdays during the summer I think?).

CPH Warehouse sale???

nate said...

bethany, you're a lutheran dork.

i'd add:
gamble at the boats on the landing
bar hop in soulard
eat cheap food at fast eddie's in alton, il.
go to a show at the ampitheater and sit on the lawn
order a beer and watch a movie from a couch at the moolah theater

i like vices,

nate said...

where was this list when i was leaving last summer?

brnh said...

I'm just acknowledging the fact that Alaina's audience might like a bit more personalize experience...

... oh wait a second, you don't have going up in the Arch. You HAVE to go up the Arch!

The gelato shop on Washington Ave. is also Lutheran-run.

And Nate's right, the Moolah is a can't miss experience... I knew movies had to do with something.

Oooh and the Chocolate Bar which I think must be unplottable because I can never remember where it is...

alaina said...

Sorry about that Nate... when you move back to Saint Louis, we'll go through the list, k?

I like all of the additions, but I have a few questions/comments:

1. Yes, Bethany is a lutheran dork. who clearly doesn't understand the need to avoid the seminary if not a seminarian or already married to a seminarian. its a scary place down there. I actually almost put get coffee at Kaldi's on DeMun and then took it off because someone next to you might scoff at you for reading something by Max Lucado or, worse, RICK WARREN.

2. I left off gambling because I don't really like casinos. They give me the weebie-jeebies.

3. the ampitheater? I need more information.

4. Chocolate Bar is on Park between midtown and soulard... right off of Lafayette Square. Square One Brewery is also right there with its good food and slow service and sqwuire's is mighty tasty.

brnh said...

That's true about the Sem, but the IC and CPH should be safe...