planned, not written

This is crunch time. Last minute preparation for the week-o-fun with the micro-machines, I mean, the junior highers (half of whom tower over me). Ordering the birthday cake, calling the pizza den, touching base with the camp and letting them know our schedule, you know the drill.

And writing my bible studies. Not "writing" them per se. I've got them planned out in my head and roughly on paper. But I'm not happy with them as pieces of writing in our servant event book. I don't really want to jabber in front of the group about the studies. I'd rather facilitate a few questions and answers and send the youth off into discovering what God's Word says about salvation, life, and them.

But that's a hard thing to put into action and even harder to put onto paper so that others can follow along.

I suppose it better said that it isn't that they aren't planned, but they won't be written until they happen.

Perhaps as written, the studies will be a blank page. That is, a page waiting to be filled. Waiting for God's presence to make itself known and to teach our hearts what God wills.


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