technology and ministry

One of the biggest banes of my ministerial existence is technology and curriculum. I want things to be easily emailed. I want things to be easily integrated. I want things to look professional.

You can't do that when you are making photocopies of pages. You can't do that when you are switching between various media presentations. And you can't do that when curriculum aren't designed to be technologically savvy.

To be specific, more and more of my children's ministry volunteers are email oriented. It is infinitely easier for me to email the volunteer their weekly curriculum than sending it to their child's (in-house, day school) teacher, who gives it to the child, who MIGHT put it in their backpack, and where the parent MIGHT find it. And it take 1/100th of the time of snail mail. And 1/10000000th of the fuel energy if I hand delivered the items to each volunteer's home.

I am willing to pay more for PDF files because they are more useful to me than hard copies. I am willing to pay more for .mov files because they are also more useful to me than DVDs.

See how that works?

Editorial costs don't change. Production shifts. Maybe it costs a little more, maybe not. The product looks better because you can make things more colorful if you don't have to print them.

My use of the materials looks 1000 times better. People hear about it. They want their program to look better, too. They buy your product.

Money in the bank.
More Jesus in the hearts of young people.
Fewer piles of old curriculum stacked up in my office.

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