christmas costumes, no bathrobes allowed

I've maintained for sometime that Christmas is a very good time for costume creations. In the first place, you can easily limit the color scheme to red, green, and white. Costume materials are in cheap abundance at your local big box store. And no one expects it.

The dear former roommate who now lives in the desert came to visit friends and family for holidays. Her arrival coincided with an annual ugly sweater party. This year's theme: Fa La La Fiesta. Not owning any ugly sweaters and supporting my christmas costume philosophy, dear former roommate and I went to work on our costume. We'd set a high standard the previous year as Christmas Cheer (leaders) complete with tinsel pompoms and pigtails.

Our furious puff-painting on goodwill shirts/brown paper molding/cardboard cutting/tinsel taping efforts produced something I'm quite proud of, actually:
The Merry Mariachis


merry christmas

Katie Herzig is giving away her Apple Tree album until January 1, 2009, so head on over and grab it for free. It's great!


the case of the missing forks

Anyone who has ever walked within 500 yards of a church building knows about the church kitchen. The church kitchen is run, dominated, and domineered by a pile of permed gray hair with a little lady underneath of it named Mary and her best friends, Ruth, Esther, and Norma.

Their omniscience is often startling and disconcerting. They know exactly how much lemonade was in the canister last week and where the best pot holders are. They know who last walked in the closet by the lingering smell. And they know if you put the tongs in the wrong drawer.

This week, however, something in the church kitchen went wrong. Very very wrong.

The forks went missing.

Not one fork. Or two forks.

But four full trays full of forks. Two hundred, maybe three hundred forks, just went.......missing. No where to be found. No one knowing who might have used them.

No one seems to know where the forks have gone.

Who steals forks?

I just hope they are returned before our Mary & Crew finds out.