anecdotes on spiritual development

In a conversation about religion and faith with a pluralistic group (an Evangelical Christian, a Buddhist, a Jew, a Lutheran, and a few others), we found common ground. We agreed that faith, spirituality, and religion were different things that cannot be judged on the same principles.

When you take away the hang-ups that many of us have on organized religion (can you say Spanish Inquisition ten times fast?), it opens up a whole new realm of more meaningful and productive conversation about the interaction of faith and belief. Instead of anger towards a group or misguided assumptions, you can learn from each other.

This non-scientific experience reminds me that there is much to be shared in the human experience and spirituality has a place it that shared experience. Certainly my understanding of spirituality through Christ differs greatly from the views of a Buddhist and a Jew, but I can find something in common with each of them in how they experience their faith. More than I might expect.

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