popcorn wielding sadist

This afternoon, I was delivering a handful of snacks to our youth room during 2nd grade recess. Four-square and soccer players made a mad dash to my side to see where the popcorn and other goodies were headed.

"Are the snacks for us? Will you share?" Their pleas were shameless.

"Sorry, girls. The snacks for 7th and 8th grade bible study."

"Oh. Like their religion class? They get snacks in school?"

"No. It's an after school bible study. They come after school."

"THEY HAVE TO GO TO BIBLE STUDY AFTER SCHOOL!?!?!" The exasperated horror flooded out of their gaping mouths.

"They choose to come. We have snacks, games and laughs and then we study the bible to grow in our faith."

"Oh. I'll see you later." The skepticism in their eyes spoke louder than their feet stomping quickly away from me.

I'm pretty sure they think I am a popcorn wielding sadist now. Great.

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Joel Mayward said...

Ah, the torturous activity of reading Scripture together! This made me grin. :)