crud and the Christ

Following Christ is easier said than done especially in our day to day lives. We have meetings and games and concerts and homework and more meetings and more games and practices and more homework and then it is bed time.

I feel this pressure to be busy, to live a life filled with all kinds of things that promise to make me a better person, a better runner, a better Christian, a better version of me.

Those things we do aren’t bad by themselves, but they will never fulfill their promises 100% and they often distract us from following Christ and serving his kingdom. The things filling our lives are no more than a snickers bar—filling us up, but getting us nowhere nutritionally. No wonder I need a caffeine run at 2pm just to stay awake with life. I'm filled with unsustaining crud.

Jesus lived a life full of service. Sure, he jumped from place to place (have you read Mark lately??) but not with the intention to make himself better (he didn’t much need that) but to point to his Father.

Are you pointing to the Father? Have you let go of the need to be a better version of yourself and focused in on pointing to Christ?

We have been forgiven of our failings, we are free of ourselves.

Now, let’s truly live—embracing the freedom, filling life with free things, sustaining things and things that bring freedom to others.

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