deafening silence

I can't breathe due to the overwhelming amount of pollen in the air. Things aren't actually silent in these parts, more wheezy and hacktastic. During this silent but wheezy time, I checked two things off of my mighty life list.

#49: Seeing Chuck Berry: Live the Duck Room

The experience was the most endearing musical treat. An elderly man, well past his prime, donning his sparkles and his sailor cap, singing his famous music with old friends, family, and a room full of adoring strangers. Saint Louisans, buy your tickets. You won't regret it. Legends don't live forever.

#5: Bike the Missouri Wineries along the Katy Trail

I cajoled a large group of friends to undertake this 28 mile adventure with me. We worked our hineys off to get to each place, but the memories we made will be precious to me forever. It was an amazing day of beautiful weather and a testimony to the friendships I have in St. Louis. The picture doesn't speak to its glory.

I don't have the funds to plan any of my travel items, so I am brainstorming things I can make to get closer (albeit only slightly) to my goal of making 1000 wonderful things. Suggestions are welcome. I am reading The Infinite Jest which has 1000 pages each of which require the energy to make one wonderful thing. Perhaps if I finish, we shall call it even?

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the NEO-traditionalist said...

Your 28 mile adventure sounds magnificent! I'm in awe. Look at those smiles at the end : )
xo katie