perhaps I will be walking

Due to the cost of parking, the lack of parking, and the close proximity of school to home, I made the idealistic decision to bike to school.

Today, I biked the route to school and nearly died.


Oops, got lost.

Tires not actually filled, despite several attempts.


Feeling more out of breath than when I run up hills, much bigger hills.

Sweat so profuse I was too embarrassed to walk into the employment office to fill out some paperwork. (It was paperwork enough to line my entire way back home, I believe.)

It took me an hour to work up the courage to bike home.

And then, as if the whole incident were a story about a bad day, it rained.


brnh said...

Having done the "walking to school up hills both way" commute, I feel your pain. Occasionally I ask Mike if he would like a bike for his commutes and he declines saying walking the hills is enough. Duke doesn't have a program with the public transit system, does it? UC started off with a free system, now it's up to $40/quarter and $.25/ride, but still cheaper than a full price pass. It saves the need for changes of clothes. One of the bloggers at academichic.com recommends prints as a way to disguise sweat.

Alaina said...

Yes, duke has several public transport options, some even free. But they aren't super handy for my location. I'm going to give this a couple more tries and we'll see what I end up doing.
Though I will probably have to change my shirt....

Michael Hanel said...

+1 on bringing a change of clothes. Leave early before the heat of the day and there's less chance of colleagues seeing you "nasty.