bike riding isn't always glamourous

I started taking a new route home from school on my bike. It's less trafficky, the hills are easier, and the view is especially beautiful.

As I peddle up the residential streets on this route, I bike towards the middle of the lane. I'm rather petrified that a car driver turning onto the street won't see me if I bike too far to the right. The street is wide, so I'm not preventing cars from passing me.

Today, my theory proved correct. A driver saw me coming towards the intersection, waited for me to pass, and then began to take her turn. It was all fine and good, except that there was a car behind me that she failed to notice. The second car driver honked but the turning car continued to turn. The honking continued and I peddled faster thinking that I had done something terribly wrong. The two cars drove parallel to one another as I peddled in front of them praying they would resolve their dispute before reaching me.

I nearly fell off my bike in fear.

Not only would that have been painful, but incredibly awkward. You see, as I climbed onto my bike minutes before, I suffered the embarrassment of a hem-to-zipper seam split in my skirt. I determined that if I didn't get up off of my bike seat, no one would know. No standing to peddle up hills or to move faster.

The drivers figured it out and they zoomed past me. I didn't have to reveal my seam split. Embarrassment averted.

Of course, when I reached the only four-way stop of the route, I fumbled on my peddles and held up traffic for a good ten-seconds.

Bike riding keeps me humble. 

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s_floyd said...

How intelligently funny. I'll have to come by here more often.

Thanks for posting this on Facebook.