some pretzels aren't very tasty

This blog is quickly devolving into a "Things that Happen on  Bike when Alaina is on it" Blog. Let's face it, most of my life is spent in lecture halls and libraries. The most interesting things happen when I am getting between my home and school. Until the clamoring for posts on the Christian exercise of power becomes too loud to ignore, I'll stick with the humorous end of things.

Today was going to be just another day on the bike. Except that somewhere between home and school, I hit a bump.  This bump caused my newly purchased bike headlight to bounce out of the pocket of my backpack (how does this happen?!) and onto the street. I quickly slowed, turned around, and reached to grab the light from the ground. Then, my bike collapsed on me. In the absence of an image (Praise GOD!), let's settle for a word picture: I became body-bike pretzel.

In case you are worried for my safety, I have half a brain and waited until the cars passed to do anything about any of it. I also turned my face towards the houses so that in the off chance that one of the 50 people I know in this town happened to pass me on the road in that moment, there would be no possibility of recognizing me. Priorities, people.

If all that wasn't enough, a bolt/screw/fastening device loosened and, when I hit that bump, my handlebars rotated about 75º. While not humiliating, this poses a few safety concerns, such as, I can't reach my brakes. Don't worry, a little Allen Wrench action saved the day.

True confessions: I learned, just today, that those little L-shaped metal pieces that you use to put together IKEA furniture are called Allen Wrenches. Who knew?

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