Thy goodness is better than life

"Thy goodness is better than life" does not just mean better than your house, than your food, than your work, than your reputation, than your honor, than your physical, artistic, and spiritual pleasures, than your wife or husband and children, but it means more than all that; it means that it is better than the one thing you still have when you have lost everything, better than your life. (...) Only the person who, in the darkness of guilt, of unfaithlessness, of enmity toward God, has felt himself or herself touched by the love which never ceases, which forgives everything and which points beyond all misery to the world of God, only such a person really knows what God's goodness means."

--Deitrich Bonhoeffer, "God's Loving Care and Human Suffering"
A sermon on Psalm 63:3

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