30 fun things in 30 fun days

When I read Maggie's post about needing some joy in her life, I felt my whole body nod in agreement. I've decided to join in her mission to do 30 fun things in 30 days. I'm not normally a joiner of blog meme, but this summer calls for it. I need some good old fashioned superficial laughter, moments shared with the people I love, and reminders of the deep and abiding joys of life.

It's going to be a good fun time.


For Day One of 30 fun things in 30 fun days, we trekked to the Sarah P. Duke Gardens to see Lost in the Trees. The weather threatened to ruin our fun, but in the end, it was a great evening of friends, delicious sangria, and amazing music. If you aren't familiar with Lost in the Trees, check out their video below.

Without further ado, behold the fun:

Now some fun for you:


Anonymous said...

Hey! you gotta credit the photographer in the 2nd shot! no stealing

Alaina said...

Dear Internet,
Logan took photograph #2.

misskatiedeconto said...

Look how much fun John Post is having!

Alaina said...

He even wrote about it: http://rebeli.us/blog/2011/07/lost-in-the-trees/