Fun Thing Fifteen: Beginnings and Ends

I bike wearing heels and a skirt all of the time, but it isn't everyday that I bike wearing a skirt that I made with my mom. Sewing with my mom is so much better as an adult than as an eight year-old. It was a maiden voyage with this skirt and I think it is going to be a great biking skirt.

Never mind I managed to jab myself in the front-ankle (that's a real body part) with my greasy gears right after this photo. Have we discussed how ├╝ber-talented I am? You're right. We haven't. Because that wouldn't be fun.

Ending the day with huevos rancheros, a glass of wine, and a few lovely friends calms every nerve. Tell me that stack of egg-y, cheese-y, bean-y, tortilla-y goodness isn't fun.

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