Fun Thing Seven: Making Music

I got up yesterday morning before the sun did. This sort of behavior should be criminal in any state with any sense, at least during the summer months when the sun needs so little sleep it could be a single parent working three jobs. I barely had time to wipe the crusties out of my eyes before I had to be at the airport to head back to North Carolina.

I went home apprehensively. I needed to be at work by mid-day and I didn't have a fun thing planned. All I wanted to do was crawl into my bed and fall asleep. Having fun is easy on vacation... it is not so easy on the day you get back from vacation. While this project is, in some ways, about doing ridiculous things I wouldn't normally create the space to do, it is more about finding pleasure in what already exists around me and noticing the joy that happens to pass my way.

In the end, a friend came over to make dinner (and BROWNIES) with Katie and me. We made a "Clean Out the Fridge" egg bake. It was a highly scientific recipe that we totally made up as we went along.

We sauteed the veggies we had in the fridge:

Then added some tomatoes and basil from the garden and poured eggs and queso fresco on top:

After an undetermined amount of time in the oven, it was delicious.

The highlight of the night was our musical clean-up interlude during which I learned how to play the glass filled with water. I've never heard someone say, "I don't like music," but I'm afraid if my water-glass music was the only music a person had ever heard that might change. We'll leave that to speculation and confirm that fun can be had even after a long hot day of cross-country travel and saying goodbye to vacation.


brnh said...

That's a gorgeous picture of you, Alaina! Kudos to your photographer!

Alaina said...

That would be Katie. :)