Fun Thing Six: Eating Ice Cream for Lunch

One might be tempted to believe that a single adult woman is commit-phobic. One would be wrong.  Fun Thing 6 was a celebration of lifelong commitment that I made with a dear friend in 2008:

We will eat ice cream (preferably Ted Drewes Frozen Custard) for dinner together at least once a year.  

That might seem silly, but in the four years since we made the commitment, we've lived in the same state for approximately 3 months. It takes some work to pull this feat (or she now conveniently lives in St. Louis, land of Ted Drewes and place where I frequently visit my friends and family). We got together yesterday to enjoy our frozen treats at lunchtime, a time we decided was acceptable to meet the requirements because it was not a "socially recognized ice cream eating time" like 3pm and 11pm. What? Don't you normally eat your ice cream at 11pm?  Because I do.

We got our All Shook Up concretes (banana and Reese's peanut butter cups) and blissfully sweltered in the sun. It didn't matter that technically it was my breakfast because I'd yet to consume anything other than coffee yet that day. Ice cream (er, frozen custard) was made for moments like these.

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