Fun Thing Twenty-Two: (Not My) Family

When I decided to move to Durham, I didn't know anyone in the town, maybe one person in the entire state. It was thrilling and scary all at once. I had no idea what to expect of the new life I would create.

Through dumb luck or (more likely) the great providence of God, I am living in a house that feeds my soul as much as it provides me shelter. My roommates make me laugh and help me to balance the stress of school and work and staying in touch with a whole ecology of friendships in Missouri. I am forever amazed at their willingness to share with me, especially their family. Last night, as their family gathered in our house to celebrate the return of a traveling brother, delicious Italian food, spontaneous singalongs, and tickle-fests with tiny people filled the house. It's not my family, but their willingness to share makes this home mine.

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