My writing lately

One of the great losses I experienced in graduate school was the loss of time to write creatively, for the love of beautiful words, for the joy of sharing sacred moments.

A year after graduation, I have slowly reclaimed this love. First, for myself and as a quiet worship. Then, as an expression of my work. Much of my public writing has been an outward demonstration of my own internal dialogue on the relationships between my faith, my relationships, and my professional life. These things are a tangled web of lovely messiness.

While the epoch of daily or even weekly blogging has likely ended in my life, I still work actively to cultivate new possibilities and imaginations through the written word. I'm just doing it in different places: an orange private journal, carefully written emails to friends, and on a group blog at my work place. This balance feels good.

For the lone subscribers still out there and creepers hoping to learn more about Alaina Kleinbeck, you can read my newer writings at Faith and Leadership. I write about material practices in the church, cultivating cultures of hospitality and nurturing young leaders in the church. While my audience is clearly those engaged in life in the church, often in professional ways, I like to think that others can enjoy what I write.

Happy reading.